Skassa Punka

Skassapunka is a Ska Punk band born in Lainate, near to Milan, in 2008.
They bring strong antifascists and antiracist connotations in their songs and, of course, on stage. In 2012 the firsts tracks are put together in one self-produced EP “Purgamentum Dedecusque”, which allow the band to play live more and more, increasing their opportunities inside the north italian underground. In 2013 they edit the first album “Di Vento In Vento”, produced by “Dedolor Records” label, and introduced with a tour above the italian peninsula.
After the landing in KOB Records, in 2014, Skassapunka start their shows in other european countries. In March 2015, with KOB collaboration, they make “Il Gioco Del Silenzio”, the second album (where appears featuring with Enrico, Los Fastidios’ leader, and Dema from Talco’s band), showed with an huge tour in Italy, Germany and Swiss.
In February 2016, Skassapunka publish “We Want To Dance Ska” as a single, the song give a title to the spring-summer tour, brought in Europe again. 2016 is the year who give a significant change to the band’s formation, the end of the old tour and the born of a new album, “Rudes Against” (with featuring of Cippa of Punkreas, italian punk band, Simone of NH3 and Mr Teo from Rootical Foundation) in February 2017, which it open the homonymous “Rudes Against Tour”.
In 2017 Skassapunka intensifies the activity, “Rudes Against Tour” allow they to play about fifty live shows in Germany, Swiss, Italy, Spain and France.
2018 is the 10th band anniversary, so the group want to celebrate editing the fourth album “Adelante” with KOB’s collaboration and begin a new european tour.